Peter says: Do you have a fussy eater?

Up until now, Peter's been the only fussy eater in the van de Geyn house.

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Addy was one of those babies who ate, like, everything that was offered to her. As a toddler, she expanded her culinary tastes and we discovered she loves green olives, “bread and dip” (a.k.a. French bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar) and the sharpest, oldest cheddar I could find. Those were the good old days.

These days, the kid isn’t eating much at breakfast or dinner. I’ve noticed that she, apparently, doesn’t like three breakfast and breakfast-for-dinner staples in our house — eggs, pancakes and French toast.

Lisa makes a mean French toast, and I love making pancakes and crepes. Peyton enjoys both, since she likes anything that has “dip” and dipping her forkfuls in maple syrup makes her happy. But Addy? The kid will actually cry (CRY!) when I say we are having pancakes for dinner. I’m talking about full on, “But Daddy; I really, really hate pancakes!” accompanied by the waterworks. She also says “BLECH” when anyone so much as mentions eggs, and, recently, even cereal is becoming a bit of a struggle to get her to eat.

What gives? Do I have the only child who doesn’t like pancakes (even served with real maple syrup)? I’m fairly confident she’s the only kid in the world who cries when she’s offered French toast.

I know kids’ tastes and eating habits change, and I get that most kids aren’t into Brussels sprouts and cabbage rolls and stuff, but seriously: pancakes?

Can anyone relate?

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