Peter & Lisa say: Number Two is on the way!

By Lisa
Peter & Lisa say: Number Two is on the way!

Peter: Lisa and I are proud to announce that at some point before the end of September, Addyson will be a big sister and we'll be the proud parents of a second child! (I'm sure some of you have already guessed, since a few of my recent posts have asked things like, "When is the right time to have number 2" and "What's better: Two boys, two girls or one of each?")

I'm very excited but a bit stressed out. Another baby means another mouth to feed, Lisa off work for a year, not as much money coming in, not as much sleep (is that even possible?), Lisa worrying about another person in our house, etc., etc. The good news is that we're thrilled and so is our family. Is Addy excited you ask? We're not sure yet. We've just started telling her that there's a baby in Mommy's tummy and she looks at us like we're completely nuts.

Lisa: Yup, I'm knocked up again...and posted my pee tests to prove it! :) (Some of you might remember the pee test pictures I posted when we announced our pregnancy with Addy in Tummy talk, the original name of this blog. Hmm. Looks like we'll have to rename it again now!)

We announced our first pregnancy when I was four months along. Since I'm already showing with this bun in my oven (also known as BvdG2), I figured it was time to come clean. I'm just over the three-month mark. I still don't have a firm due date; the baby's measuring a few days earlier than where I should be (that didn't happen with Addy--I was always spot on), so I'm not 100% sure when when to expect this one. Based on what the last ultrasound tech said, we're due the day after Addy's birthday.

When we started sharing our news, most people said they were expecting it because they knew we really wanted to have our kids close together. (We definitely got lucky that it happened so quickly.) We started telling our family soon after we found out. Take a look at the pictures below to see how Addy told her grandparents that she's going to be a sister.

So far I've been sick as a dog. That incredible nausea I felt with Addy has returned...with a vengeance. With Addy I had all-day nausea for seven or eight months (it got better in second trimester but never really left). This time around I'm an absolute mess. Not only am I sick all day, but I've spent many a morning and night with my head in the toilet. Add that to the extreme exhaustion (and I thought I was tired the first time...ha!) and that's how I'm doing. I'm way more tired this time. When I was pregnant with Addy I'd come home after work and plop down on the couch and close my eyes. This time I feel guilty--I want to play with Addy after work but don't have the energy (plus, my "morning" sickness is actually worse in the evening...not a good combo for playing with a toddler). Peter's been taking care of pretty much everything around the house for the last few weeks and the three of us have spent more time in our bedroom than ever before. (He even moved our beloved PVR upstairs.)  

If you followed along when I was pregnant with Addy, you'll know that my diet was restricted to French fries for the first few months because of my nausea. This time is no different. It's all aversions, no cravings (though I have felt like Caesar salad and banana chips this week).

As for Addy, it's been fun trying to tell her that there's a baby in my tummy. Peter's right--she thinks we're insane. In the last few days she's started pointing at my tummy when I ask her where the baby is, then she kisses it (which is ridiculously adorable).

So there's our news. Between all the planning for the new baby and getting Addy ready (moving her into her big girl bed so the crib is free when the baby comes, etc.), I'm betting we'll have more questions and need more advice now more than ever. Stay tuned!

P.S. For those of you who had your second when your toddler was two-ish, when did they actually understand that a new baby would be arriving? I'm hoping she *kinda* gets it by the summer.


P.S. These are just four of the 10 tests I took. Yup, 10. (Will explain why in a later post.) Peter freaked at the amount of money I spent and forbid me to go anywhere near a Shoppers Drug Mart.

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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