Peter asks: Who controls the finances in your house?

Since Peter's the spender in the marriage, he "isn't allowed" to handle the finances in his home

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter asks: Who controls the finances in your house?

Photo by GoodNCrazy via Flickr

I'm curious: Who handles the finances in your household?
I ask because, in our house, I'm not really involved in the monthly expenses and payments. (I'm not involved because I'm not allowed to be.) Lisa likes to take control of the bank accounts and paying bills. I have offered a few times, knowing that Lisa won't let me.

You see, I was/am a bit of a spender, and while Lisa is not the frugal penny-pincher her mother is (I mean that in a good way, Debbie! I wish we were both more like you), she is a much better saver than me. I do feel that by not being involved, there's added stress on Lisa. (She's the first to admit that math and anything associated with numbers is not her forte.) I think the best move would be for both of us to do it together so we are both aware of the complete financial picture.
That said, it's probably best that she's the one keeping an eye on our accounts. (Even if she does give me grief when she sees I've eaten at McDonalds or Wendy's, or spent money at Golf Town.)

So who does the bill-paying in your house? 

This article was originally published on Mar 06, 2012

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