Peter asks: Is your household a naked one?

Peter's wondering if it's time to cover up around the girls.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter asks: Is your household a naked one?

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I am one male in a house with three females, and I'm pretty open about walking around in my underwear. (This is obviously something Lisa is used to, and something I share with my father-in-law — I’ve walked into their house too many times to find him in his tighty-whiteys!)

I don't usually give much thought to hanging around in my boxer briefs, but now that Addy and Peyps are old enough that they notice stuff (like when Peyton was watching her new little cousin, Sebastian, being diapered and wanted to know what his little bits and bobs were), I'm not sure if it's time to cover up. Heck, they still don’t let me go to the bathroom by myself. The only time I get privacy in the bathroom (a.k.a. reading time) is when no one is home. (Though I guess I could get more privacy if I shut the bathroom door.)

Anyway, my concern/question has to do with kids seeing their parents "in their nudies" (as the kids say). I'm not so bothered by the kids hanging out with Lisa when she's in the tub since they're all girls (though Lisa covers up much more than me), but I'm wondering what is appropriate when it comes to Daddy?

I am more aware of where the kids are in the house if I'm naked and going from the laundry room to the bathroom, for example (apologies for visuals), but when I'm in our shower — which has a glass door — the kids have a fit if I try to lock the door and they can't come in. They don't stand and watch me, but they like to be able to get in and say hello if they feel like it. I know they just want to be around me but it is a little weird and I’m not sure what is “normal” when it comes to girls, dads and nudity.

What's your take on this? Do you and/or your spouse hang around in the buff in front of your kids, or are you always covered up?

This article was originally published on Feb 13, 2013

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