Peter asks: Half-day or full-day kindergarten?

Peter is totally against JKs and SKs going to school all day, every day.

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter asks: Half-day or full-day kindergarten?

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I just want to start by asking this: Are we (me and Lisa) the only parents who think that a full day two or three times a week is too much school for a four-year-old? I never did junior kindergarten when I was little; I had kindergarten for one year — it was a half-day every day and I was five years old. I see Addy when she finishes school and gets home and she's exhausted — physically and emotionally. We have been having a little problem with her crying mid-day at school because she misses her mommy. I know Lisa and I have been lucky and have not had to shell out the unbelievable amounts of money other parents do for daycare, but I just think this much school is too much too soon.

Also, Lisa told me the other day that when Peyton starts school in a year and a half, she will be in all-day every day JK, and I think that is ridiculous. To me, it's government-funded daycare. Kids this young can certainly be at school five days a week, but for mornings or afternoons, not all day.

Does your child go to a full-day JK or SK school every day of the week? How have you found it? Do you think they've benefited, or is it too much for a preschooler?

This article was originally published on Mar 04, 2013

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