Peter asks: Do your kids talk in their sleep?

Addy's a blabbermouth when she's awake ...and asleep

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter asks: Do your kids talk in their sleep? Addyson sleeping quietly

Addy never shuts up. The kid is non-stop all day ...and now her gums flap all night. Lately, Addy's been chatting in her sleep. We assume she is dreaming, and that the usual gibberish she says is part of whatever she's dreaming about.

Last night I was carrying her to her room (yes, she still falls asleep in our bad and I carry her into her bed when she falls asleep) and she started talking. Figuring she had woken up, I thought she was speaking to me, so I actually answered her.

I think it's pretty funny when she falls asleep in our bed — she rolls around like crazy (which drives Lisa nuts), she blabs, sings (she makes up her own silly songs) and right before she dozes off — and out of nowhere — she'll put on a "puppet show" using her hands against our bedroom wall. It's pretty cute. 

Lisa says the talking-while-sleeping thing must be hereditary...apparently I do it too. But Addy seems to have full-on conversations most nights.

Does your little one talk in her sleep? How often? And did she outgrow it?

This article was originally published on Mar 13, 2012

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