Peter asks: Do your kids like their names?

It's a weird question but one that Peter (if that is his real name...) is wondering about

By Peter van de Geyn
Peter asks: Do your kids like their names?

Addy circa early 2009. Lisa bought her that blanket...and had it personalized. (Obviously.)

Addyson recently started this thing where instead of "Mommy" she calls Lisa "Lisa," and me "Peter" instead of "Daddy." (Pretty sure three is a little young to start calling us by our first names. I mean, Lisa still refers to her parents as Mommy and Daddy and she's 32.) Anyway, Addy thinks it's hilarious:

Addy: "You're Lisa!"

Lisa: "No..I'm Mommy!"

Addy: (Laughing hysterically) "'re Lisa!"

You get it.

She's also very vocal that she doesn't appreciate it when people outside of the three of us, her grandparents and aunts, call Peyton "Peyps." And when someone tells her, "You're a cutie," she's quick to correct them: "No, I'm Addy." 

Now, why I'm about to embarrass the crap out of both myself and my wife I don't know, but both Lisa and I have — well —
other names that don't really mean a lot to either of us in our day-to-day lives. My birth certificate says Petrus. (Dutch. What can I say?) Lisa's Hebrew name (which I consistently mock her about and doesn't appear on any of her identification) is Chana. (Petrus and Chana sitting in a tree... Aren't we a fine pair?)

I bring this up because Lisa was reading a list of some crazy names that will supposedly be "trendy" in 2012 and it got me thinking — will Addyson and Peyton like their names when they're older? (Will the kids who are named after Renesmee from Twilight or Hermione from Harry Potter like their names when those fads are long gone?) Both of our kids' names used to be boys' names and Addy will always have to special order anything she wants her name on. Will either of them be one of those kids who grow up preferring their middle names (Paige and Avery) and want to go by that instead? We think Addyson and Peyton fit our kids just right. (Though I did really want to call them Porsche and Mercedes — I obviously lost that battle.)

These are the things we chat about around here.

So tell us, Petrus and Chana:

1. What did you name your kids and do they like their names? 

2. Do you have another name (on your ID or otherwise) that you don't (or do) go by?


This article was originally published on Nov 28, 2011

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