Our 10 favourite blog posts of the year!

These blog posts made us laugh, cry and think about things in a different way

By Today's Parent staff
Our 10 favourite blog posts of the year!

To say we love our bloggers is an understatement. They chronicle parenting moments and issues in fantastic, funny, challenging, honest and insightful ways.

Thank you to our 2011 bloggers past and present. You add so much to

Please read on for some of our favourite posts from the past year.

Our Special-needs parenting blogger, Amy Baskin, wrote a letter to herself as a new special-needs mom. Everyone could learn something about being a parent, and being kind to yourself, from this post. A must-read.

Read: What advice would you offer a younger you?

Feminism is as important as ever to everyone, and it's time we all embraced the "F-word" argues managing editor Nadine Silverthorne in this passionate and frank post.

Read: It's time we all embraced the F-word

Our Celebrity Candy blogger Haley Overland tells the story of how she and her daughter got to go to the premiere of the film The Flying Machine, which stars Heather Graham, and the curious outcome of this trip!

Read: How I caught Heather Graham's cold

Run-at-home mom blogger Jen Pinarski writes about an unexpected side effect of being a SAHM. Powerful.

Read: I miss missing my children

Haley Overland's extremely personal story of how the actions of one politician left her shaken and angry and ready to take action.

Read: Doesn't every vote matter?

This is what managing editor Nadine Silverthorne has to say about this post from Bouncing Back blogger, Kristin Auger. "This post on second chances encapsulates everything I love about her as a writer."

Read: A second chance at life

Type A Baby blogger Katie Dupuis is a new mom, managing editor of Today's Parent, and one of our newest bloggers. Her writing is fantastic. In "I come by it honestly" Katie writes about how becoming a mom helped her appreciate her own mother even more.

Read: I come by it honestly editor Alex's son, Leo, turned 2 last summer. To celebrate, she wrote a sweet post about everything she's learned from him and how our kids can be our best teachers.

Read: What I've learned from Leo

We asked our bloggers to write a special post for International Women's Day. Lisa from Mom says, Dad says decided to put together a list of her wishes and dreams for her daughters. Such a great read.

Read: Lisa says: What I hope for my girls when they're my age

We all love Tracy's stories about her daughters, Anna and Avery, but this Tracy's Mama Memoirs post about why the dream that is work-life balance is, well, a crock, really spoke to us.

Read: The crock of work-life balance

Today's Parent executive editor Sandra, who also writes Saving with Sandra, took on the controversial topic of circumcision in a very honest way last January in our On Our Minds blog.

Read: Should circumcision be banned?

Bonus! editor Amanda talks about what makes a baby name a hipster baby name. Hilarious, as always.

Read: Hipster names for babies

Bonus! editorial coordinator Emily Sadler writes powerfully about why she urges everyone to watch the documentary Miss Representation.

Read: Miss Representation

What was your favourite post from 2011?

This article was originally published on Dec 23, 2011

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