My futuristic birth plan

Kate hopes that recent technological advances might one day lead to making her dream birth plan a reality

By Kate Stewart
My futuristic birth plan

Credit: London Looks

I’m no fool.

I may be young and not ready for a baby, but I am still all too aware of all the great things and the scary not-so-great things that come along with one.

And since working here at Today’s Parent I’ve learned even more lovely things that don’t make the health class pamphlets.
Seriously if we want to fight off Teen Mom season 10, might I suggest printing little tidbits of what pregnancy does to your body?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible and I have so much respect for any woman who’s given birth, but it scares the pants off of me!
And yet the stories, as well as years spent making my paycheque by doing some form of childcare, haven’t managed to remove ‘become a mom’ off my bucket list.
So I’m putting all my chips on advances in medicine and a birth plan based on fiction.

Especially with all the new technology and gadgets these days, I’m confident that when my time comes I will have the luxury of not going through the whole ordeal. Somehow instead of choosing between a midwife or OBGYN, epidural or au natural, I can just skip it.

Like Bella in Twilight.

Okay she probably went through more pain than any childbirth ever, but she still got to wake up all gorgeous with abs of steel and a blow-out.

Yes I realize my ideal birth plan is based on a fictional and impossible story.
But I mean really, we have un-manned robot tanks that can think for themselves, and we have a printer that can print out a 3D object with tiny intricate moving pieces, but you’re telling me we can’t seem to make childbirth any better? Clearly men have too much control ladies.

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Photo by: London Looks via Flickr

This article was originally published on Mar 06, 2012

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