Mother's Day when you don't have a mom

Online editor Jenny Charlesworth talks about Mother's Day as a motherless daughter.

By Jenny Charlesworth

Mother's Day when you don't have a mom Photo by: Pink Tag/istock

While Hallmark cards were being passed around and florists were selling out of Mother's Day bouquets, there were those of us on Sunday who had our eyes on the clock. A full day devoted to mothers we no longer have — that's what Mother's Day means to motherless daughters. 

While mother-daughter duos gather for special brunches and pose for photo ops, we watch from the sidelines.

It's been five years since my mom suddenly passed away but Mother's Day opens the floodgates as if no time has passed at all. April showers may bring May flowers, but for some of us they also bring the dread of handling this holiday — another reminder that we're on our own.

It's taken some time but I've finally realized that I don't have to feel left out on Mother's Day. It's still a day to honour my mom and her legacy. So now I spend the second Sunday of May doing something we once did together, when we were just another mother-daughter duo.

This year, I wandered around Toronto's St. Lawrence Antique Market and channeled my mom's top-notch haggling skills to score a trio of retro egg cups that could have been plucked straight from my childhood.

I may not celebrate Mother's Day the way I once did, but I still make sure the day is all about my mom. 

Joining the ranks of motherless daughters has also made me realize that Mother's Day should be a day to honour all the amazing women in your life, the aunts, the best friends, the mentors, all the ladies who have made a difference and keep you strong.

This article was originally published on May 14, 2012

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