Mom blogging for beginners

Six things you need to know

By Haley Overland
Mom blogging for beginners

So, you want to be a mom blogger. Congratulations, you’re about to embark on an exciting online adventure. Wondering how to get started? Not sure what to write about? Worrying about online safety? Here are six things every mom blogger needs to know to ensure a fun, rewarding and safe online experience.

Get started
Find an easy, reliable and preferably free blogging platform for your blog, such as Blogger or WordPress. Even easier, and with a built-in community to boot, launch your blog within an existing community-based website like the one on Joining an established bunch of bloggers is a great way to start; hundreds of mom blogs are born each day and it’s easy to get lost and feel alone out there!

Be careful
Before you start, determine your safety parameters and comfort levels. Don’t reveal specific information about where you live, places you go, how long you’re going to be out of town and so on. Are you comfortable posting photos of your kids online? Their names? Regardless, it’s crucial to remember that nothing on the Internet is truly anonymous, so be wary about what you post. Once something is published online, it’s pretty much there to stay.

Keep your privacy if you want
Mom bloggers don’t necessarily have to write about their kids — they can just as easily focus on their own lives as mothers without exposing intimate details of their children’s lives. If you do choose to write about your kids, consider giving them pseudonyms. (This way their friends can’t Google them later on and tease them about potty-training mishaps.) Always ask friends and coworkers if it’s okay to write about them or about the workplace because, rest assured, they can (and will) find that post you wrote about them.

Make friends
The best way to connect with other moms online is to get out there and comment on blogs that you enjoy reading. Every time you comment, you get to leave your name (or alias) and website address. This enables both bloggers and readers to find your site and connect with you. Keep in mind that more established bloggers may not acknowledge your comments because they get so many – try not to take it personally. In the meantime, comment away and sooner or later you’ll secure what’s called your “tribe” of blog buddies.

Get the word out
In addition to commenting, publicize your posts on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, include your blog site address in your email signature and tell all your friends to check it out and spread the word.

Have fun
Mom blogging can be stressful; be prepared for ups and downs and try not to take the odd “troll” (negative anonymous commenter) personally. Being authentic doesn’t mean being somber and serious — don’t be afraid to be funny, quirky, eccentric. Be yourself. Above all, enjoy documenting your adventures as a mom, making friends and, when you least expect it, learning a ton about yourself in the process.

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This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2011

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