7 milestones to celebrate when you have two kids

These milestones may not be in the baby books, but they're definitely major achievements for parents of two kids.

7 milestones to celebrate when you have two kids

Photo: @drealaguer via Instagram

1. Multi-tasking

Bathing your preschooler with one hand while changing the baby’s diaper explosion or jiggling the bouncer chair with the other: That’s some Olympic-level ninja parenting right there.

young siblings laying on a bed holding hands Photo: @aspoonfuloffaith via Instagram

2. Achieving the double nap

It must be a super moon, because you’ve achieved the elusive double nap: both kids asleep at the same time. But instead of relaxing, you document this momentous occasion with a photo on Facebook, thereby jinxing it (rookie mistake). Then you stare at the video monitor with crazy eyes.

older sibling hugging baby sibling while dad reaches down to hold them Photo: @jenwithjustonen via Instagram

3. Hand-me-downs

First baby born in July, second in December? The sizing of those hand-me-downs doesn’t match the seasons, but you make it work. Layers, Mama. Layers.

mom breastfeeding baby while older sibling relaxes nearby Photo: @audreyblake via Instagram

4. Making your appearance work

You hit an all-time low on what qualifies as an acceptable appearance. Morning (and/or afternoon) routine: Remove baby snot and cruddy toddler food remnants from day-old clothes (or not); baby lotion totally doubles as face moisturizer; redo your topknot with a Dora the Explorer hair tie; done!

baby sitting in high chair reaching out to older sibling who is playing with them Photo: @rightnao via Instagram

5. Introducing solids

Starting solids with your first kid: You obsess over the guidelines, purée and freeze all-organic produce, buy grass-fed hormone-free meat, take photos and videos of said milestone, sterilize everything she touches and even park outside the hospital the first time she tries peanut butter. Second kid: “Here is some food. Enjoy.”

older sibling hold baby while sitting on the couch Photo: @mrsatom5 via Instagram

6. Laundry skills


Your living room has transformed into a laundromat, with at least seven piles at any given time (they make comfy couch pillows, right?): lights, darks, colours, heavy stains, gentle detergent, poop clumps and assorted mismatched tiny socks. Embrace it. It means you’re a pro.

older sibling holding baby while sitting on the couch Photo: @dana__fey via Instagram

7. Cut yourself some slack

Learning to let go and cutting yourself some slack is key to parenting, especially when you have two. When you figure out that kids don’t care about all-natural wooden toys and Pinterest-worthy birthday parties, and that a little dirt never hurt anyone, you’re well on your way.

This article was originally published on Aug 02, 2021

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