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Making mommy friends

After a week filled with making new friends, Anchel talks about the process of connecting with other parents.

By Anchel Krishna
Making mommy friends

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Most people who know me would confidently describe me as an extrovert: I get along with most people, can usually make conversation with strangers, and am never accused of being the quiet one in a group of friends.

But here’s a surprise… I think I’m actually an introvert.

I prefer quiet nights at home, and I love cool, rainy days because it gives me a great excuse not to go out. I get anxious in situations where I don’t know a lot of people, and in my previous life as a communications manager, the networking and “schmoozing” part of the business was my least favourite responsibility.

Up until fairly recently, most of my other “mom” friends were actually just my friends from before having kids that also happened to have kids around the same time. The only problem is that most of them are spread around southern Ontario and the US. After having Syona, I knew it would be nice to make some mom friends close to home. And when Syona was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I knew I needed to connect with other special-needs parents, and that is where social media has become a lifeline.

I’ve even been fortunate enough to meet some of the parents I’ve connected with online in real life, and we’ve quickly become friends who share resources, trade stories and consume copious amounts of caffeine.

I've also met a couple of moms through a local music class and we try and get together as often as our toddlers and busy schedules will allow.

Last week I met with a mom I was introduced to through one of our therapists. She was a wonderful, warm woman that exuded positivity and I left our “mom date” feeling as though I’d known her for years.

Earlier that very same day, I took Syona to our local park and met a cute little boy and his super-nice mom. She told me that she’s seen Syona at the park before with Dilip and noticed her little braces (also known as ankle-foot orthotics or AFOs for short). She asked me how Syona was progressing and I told her about how she’s doing so well. We talked about the neighbourhood, what we both did prior to becoming stay-at-home moms and some of the things that all parents have in common. She had a nice, easygoing way about her and it was a great conversation. The kids started to get fussy and we knew it was time to go home. Then came that slightly awkward moment when we both remarked how nice it was to have met, how awesome it would be to have a friend in the neighbourhood and how it would be great to get together again. I had my cellphone, so I took her number. Later that night we texted about some local swimming classes.

Funny how making a mommy friend is oddly reminiscent of dating. (I hope she texts me back soon!)

Did you make new friends after having a child? If so, how did you meet them?

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2012

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