Lisa says: Toddler haircuts

By Lisa
Lisa says: Toddler haircuts

I absolutely LOVE getting my hair done. If I could afford to go every week I would. I find it so relaxing to get my hair washed, coloured and trimmed. (I'm pretty sure Peter enjoys going to the salon as much as I do. :))

We schlepped Addy out earlier this week for our pre-holiday hair appointments and decided it was a good time to get her long, wispy bangs trimmed. Addy sat on my lap while Anna cut her hair and, pretty surprisingly, she didn't really make a fuss. (She did make a couple "I'm going to cry!" noises when Anna put the little cape on her, but that was it.) I kind of expected her to freak out when she saw the scissors come close to her, but she played it cool for the most part. Peter and I were super proud, especially after  witnessing the long-haired six- or seven-year-old who threw a tantrum when her mom quietly told the stylist to chop most of her hair off. This kid screamed, cried, kicked, spit, etc. 

I was telling a few of my mommy pals about Addy's haircut and I got mixed reactions. Some thought that she was still too young to get a cut and some were surprised I waited so long to take her. Addy definitely has more hair than almost all of her friends her age, except for Sam, who has had three haircuts since September. (He has great hair.)

How old was your tot the first time you took him/her for a professional haircut? Do you take her to your salon or to a place that caters to kids?

Addy at the salon with Mommy. (Mommy's hair looks funny because she's getting her winter dye job.)

Addy's new hairdo.

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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