Lisa says: This (kid) bites

Turns out Lisa and Peter have a little biter on their hands

By Lisa van de Geyn

Lisa says: This (kid) bites Credit: Mathom via Flickr

Peyps, as it turns out, is a biter. In the past week she's taken bites out of everyone around her, and it seems Addy has been her main target. I know the kid's mouth hurts and she's teething big time right now, but she's not biting to make her gums feel better — she's gnawing on people when she gets mad. (Quite the fiery temper this one has. Once again, I have no idea where she gets these little quirks from.) 

Anyway, she's done some damage. She's taken chunks out of Peter and has made her big sister cry on more than one occasion. We've been telling her that biting is bad, and when she sees Addy is upset, she hugs and kisses her in her little apologetic way. But it's not stopping the behaviour. Addy wasn't a biter when she was a toddler so I'm not sure how to handle this. I kind of want to give Peyps a little nip to show her that it hurts and she needs to stop it, but (before I get chewed up here on my blog...ha ha...pun intended) I'm not going to because I'd (obviously) rather do something a little less physical and more educational. 

Is/was your todder a biter? How did you handle the behaviour? Got any tips we could use that might work?

Photo by Mathom via Flickr

This article was originally published on Feb 08, 2012

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