Lisa says: The hand slap

Lisa (gently) slapped Peyton's hand when she misbehaved. Here's what happened

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: The hand slap

Peyton's not always an angel.

Since I seem to be the mom who's always confessing her questionable parenting tactics (isn't that what parenting blogs are all about? Well, that and chronicling those sweet childhood moments, of course), I'm just going to throw this story out there.

As Addy says, Peyps gets into mischief. Lots of it. The kid won't and doesn't leave anything (from cereal boxes in the kitchen cupboard to the vent covers in the floor) alone. She's also entered the terrible twos earlier than expected — at 18 months she can be such a loving, adorably sweet little thing, but when she's not... You get it. 

Anyway, she was particularly nuts tonight and wasn't listening to us during dinner, so when she kept pulling the vent cover out of my kitchen floor, I gently slapped her hand and said "no" in a louder than usual voice.

She looked at me. Then paused. Then burst into laughter. (Which was extremely cute, though aggravating.) Then she pulled the vent cover out again. Then she stared at me (with those pretty hazel eyes) and giggled. 

Now, I'm not saying I'd spank a one-year-old — toddlers, of course, push boundaries, and that's to be expected. I've seen parents in the grocery store and in malls giving their wee ones a good smack and, at this age, it's certainly not my preferred method of discipline. And after tonight, neither is the old hand slap. After Peyps laughed in my face, I realized it probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had. I guess I'll try something new next time...something that isn't as funny to a one-year-old as a light hand slap. 

Are you a spanker? Bum swatter? (I'm told Peter's mom used a wooden spoon on his tush. I'm not judging.) Hand slapper? How do your little ones react? (And while we're at it, do you and your spouse see eye to eye on spanking as discipline?)

This article was originally published on Mar 09, 2012

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