Lisa says: The end of an era

After four years, Lisa's packing up all things baby.

One of Addy's first bottles at 14 days old

It’s official: As of this week, there’s no one in our house who drinks from a bottle. (Scratch that. Er, um…There’s no one in our house who drinks from a BABY bottle.) Peyps has officially stopped drinking her bottie, and I have to say, weaning her was a breeze. 

I remember stopping Addy’s nighttime bottle when she had a cold and an upset tummy one night when she was 19 months. She had thrown up and I wasn’t about to give her milk before bed, so we skipped the bottle and never looked back.

I’ve had a wicked sinus infection for the past few weeks and just the other night, Peyps started sneezing, her nose started running and she had a fever. (I don’t think she’s sick; I’m pretty sure her molars are coming in.) Anyway, I decided to seize the moment and skipped her bedtime bottle. Tonight was our third night bottle-less and, while Peyps cries for a minute when she goes into her crib, she’s out like a light quickly and has’t asked for bottie. 

And now, tomorrow when I’m finished work, I’ll pack away all those glass bottles, nipples, the drying rack and cleaning brush I’ve used since Addy came home from the hospital. For this not-sure-if-I-still-want-another-kid mama, it’s a little emotional to rid my kitchen of all things baby. (At this rate I’ll be an absolute mess when I pack up my maternity clothes.)

Did you get emotional when you got rid of the baby paraphernalia in your home? What was the hardest thing to pack, give away, toss? 

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