Lisa says: She peed!

Well, we partied like it was 1999 in our house today, boy. This afternoon Addy told me she had to make a poo. (Hopefully she doesn’t despise me when she’s older for posting these details and the pic below!) I figured she was just fooling around since she’d already been (in her diaper) earlier in the day but decided to humour her and threw her on the toilet. (Practice makes perfect, right?)

The first few minutes she was on the potty she played the “It’s coming!” game. (I ask her if she feels a pee or poo and she gets very serious, concentrates and tells me it’s coming. We get all excited. Five seconds later she shrugs her shoulders and says, “It’s not coming” and grins. Yes, she’s quite the actress.) After that she asked me to read Princess Potty a dozen or so times and 15 minutes later she announced that she was finished and instructed me to go get a diaper while she waited on the potty. The next thing I know I hear a tinkle and run back to the bathroom to see what’s up. She’s sitting there smiling and whispers, “It’s coming now.” We (Addy, me and my mom) screamed and clapped so loud we scared the crap out of poor Peyton.

I was so excited for her — she felt like such a big girl and was totally proud of herself. She immediately phoned Peter (who clapped for her in his office) and my dad, who had promised that he’d bring her cupcakes when she did her business on the toilet. My sister brought her a treat and I gave her three pretty new stickers to put on the toilet. We talked about how thrilled we were for the rest of the day and even went on an “Addy made a pee-pee on the potty!” walk.

Earlier tonight she told me she had to make a poo again and I put her back on the potty. When I took off her diaper it was soaked and super heavy. I guess it’s time for me to step it up and start putting her on the toilet every half an hour — even if she says she doesn’t have to pee.

How did you celebrate your child’s first time on the potty? And (I’m afraid to ask) how long did it take for her to do it again? (Should I expect her to do it again tomorrow, or is that a pipe dream?)

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