Lisa says: Peyton's checkup and a weird question...

By Lisa
Lisa says: Peyton's checkup and a weird question...

Went to see Dr. C for Peyton's six-month (six-month!) checkup yesterday and, I have to say (in a very, truly loving way), it looks like I have another little "porker." (Peter's word -- not mine.)

At 19.1 pounds and 27 inches, she's in the 97th (or some crazy high number) percentile for weight and the 96th percentile for height. She's a whopping two pounds more than Addy was at six months (I know -- I'm doing it again. It's hard not to compare!) and a smidgen taller. Dr. C was pleased with her growth and gave the go-ahead for veggies, fruit, meat, dairy (not all at once, of course). We started Peyps on sweet potato on the weekend and she loved it. Peyton's doing everything she should be doing at this age, except for rolling front to back and back to front. She has big, juicy legs -- I'd imagine it's hard to swing them around.

So another successful visit to Dr. C's office. We're so happy to have him as our paediatrician (sorry, Dr. C; told you I gush about you in our blog) but I started wondering how long I'd be able to convince Addy and Peyps to keep going to a male doc.

The last time I was at his office I got talking to another mom and her daughter in the waiting room -- the girl was 17 and still seeing Dr. C (they're obviously thrilled with him too), but I couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable for her. Her mom, noticing how many babies and toddlers were in the waiting room with us, actually made a comment to both her daughter and me and my mom that it might be time to ask Dr. C for a referral to a gynaecologist. I nodded. I had a male paediatrician and once I got to be 10 or 11, my mom practically had to drag me there. I'm hoping to have a different experience with my girls.

Does your daughter/son have a male/female paediatrician? Are they comfortable having a doctor of the opposite sex? And when do you think you'll switch from your paediatrician to a GP? (I know Peyton's six months...just blogging out loud again.) :)

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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