Lisa says: Passing fears onto your kids

If you know Lisa, you'll know she has a fear she's trying NOT to pass onto her girls.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: Passing fears onto your kids Peter snapped this pic on Mother's Day. Lisa was keeping an eye out for those darn sparrows

I'm scared of birds. 

That's right. You heard me. I'm scared, no, terrified of birds.

Long story short, it's my mother's fault. She too is terrified of birds, and she trained me from a young age to run away, cry, lock myself indoors, scream bloody murder whenever a bird flew or waddled within 100 feet of me. Neither of my sisters share my ridiculous fear (my mom stopped at scaring the hell out of me) and I don't want either of my kids to inherit it. 

So you can imagine the disaster it is for me when I'm hanging out with the kids outside and the (terrifying wee) birds that have created a meticulous spring nest above the door of the house two houses down are swooping around my front lawn. 

(Giggling yet? I know's stupid. But I can't help it. Fear is fear. What can I say?)

Anyway, I've been making quite the effort to hide my terror from the kids. (Which sometimes means I duck out of the blue, and Addy asks, "Mommy, what are you doing?" To which I'll respond, "Oh, I thought I saw something on the grass so I tried to reach down and get it but it blew away" or some such nonsense. Thankfully she hasn't heard me yelp yet.) I certainly don't want the girls spending their lives being afraid of seagulls at the beach, the pigeons downtown, the peacocks at the zoo and the (stupid) flock of sparrows two doors down. 

So tell me: What are your fears? And what have you done to hide them from your little ones? (Or have you been open about your phobia?)

This article was originally published on May 16, 2012

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