Lisa says: "No!" too much...

By Lisa
Lisa says: "No!" too much...

Peter and I weren't feeling particularly great on the weekend so we decided to hang out upstairs in bed where we could be comfy. (There's a big TV in our room.  Need I say more?) Addy likes sitting up there with us and loves running around our room and bathroom, which I'm usually fine with, until I heard her lift the toilet seat then drop it down.  

"No, Addy. You're not allowed to touch that," I shouted from bed.

Then Little Miss Mischievous found my engagment and wedding rings on my night table (usually hidden under books when they're not on me) and went to grab them, keeping her eyes on me the whole time.

"No, Addy. You're not allowed to touch that," I shouted again.

Then she waddled over to where my laptop was sitting and stared at me as she bent down to touch it.

"No, Addy. You're not allowed to touch that."

You get the point.

Part of me thinks it's good that I tell her when she's not allowed to do something. I know she understands what I'm saying and she has to learn that she's not to put anything in the toilet, play with my laptop or BlackBerry, etc. It's my job to teach her boundaries and let her know when she's done something naughty. 

Another part of me thinks there's no point to saying no to an almost 18-month-old. I mean, really. She's smart and I'm pretty sure she can tell by my facial expressions that she's not to touch my wedding rings, but she's at the age where I should be letting her explore and check things out. Plus, if I keep saying no when she does something pretty insignificant, she might not take me seriously when I say no to something serious and potentially harmful.

I know what you're thinking--why don't they just toddler proof their house? We have to a degree (granted we don't have those locks on the toilets yet...better put those on our list), but we didn't think it was necessary to move absolutely everything out of her reach because we're always around. (Small objects, coins, etc., are always kept high up.)

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is not how to toddler-proof our home, but how to teach Addy right and wrong without wearing out "no." I wouldn't say she's done anything she's needed to be disciplined for (yet), but there must be a better option than my usal, "No, Addy. You're not allowed to touch/do/etc. that."

Are you big on saying no? How did/do you get through to your tots when they're doing something naughty?

And I wonder why she goes for my BlackBerry and laptop every chance she gets. This shot was taken yesterday at my parents' house. My youngest sister was off work and hung out with Addy all day. She, apparently, doesn't mind Addy playing with her cell phone or her laptop. Guess I have to say "NO!" to my family more when it comes to what Addy is and isn't allowed to play with...but that's another post.  

(P.S. Those aren't Addy's chips and snacks on the bed!)

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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