Lisa says: My little blue pills

By Lisa

Er, wait. I should clarify and say that I'm obviously not talking about those little blue pills. I'm talking about Imovane (or Zoplicone).

I've been pretty open about being on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications since Peypee's birth, and I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned Imovane before -- it's a sleeping pill. (Or in my case, sadly, it's my adult version of my little pillow and Cocoa the Pound Puppy I slept with when I was little.)

I hate to admit it but without my little blue pills my sleep is pretty much non-existent. The nights I don't take the Imovane it takes me hours upon hours to get to shut my mind off and go to sleep. This doesn't mean that I'm addicted (I'm not), but it does mean that my (crazy) postpartum hormones and chemicals are still sorting themselves out (what's taking so long?!) and my sleep is still affected.

Overall I *think* I'm feeling better, but I still have miserable days (read: all last week, right Peter?). At my last workout my Booty Camp Fitness instructor told me when I started training with her in May she could actually "feel" how sad I was, and she's seen a noticeable change in me over the past several months. That was uplifting but there's still a heavy weight on my shoulders that I can't seem to get rid of (pun intended. At least I can poke fun at myself).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to being able to sleep without blue pills. (Oh to be able to lie down, close my eyes and be snoring within 90 seconds. Seriously. Peter falls asleep within 90 seconds. Every. Single. Night.)

So who else has been on sleep aids? Is there something else (other than prescription meds) that has worked to help you get your shut-eye?

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