Lisa says: My kids behave in restaurants

If you see them dining out, don’t worry about their kids ruining your meal; Lisa promises Addy and Peyton will be good

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: My kids behave in restaurants

Peyton behaving herself at a restaurant. No crying, screaming, fussing or tantrums to speak of

We don’t go out for meals often (we’re more of a takeout and delivery family), but when we do, I’m pleased to report that our kids are as good as gold.
I’m not bragging and I’m not naïve. I realize that this good behaviour might not probably won’t last forever, but for the time being, if you happen to see the four of us having a meal out, don’t ask to be seated away from us or glare disapprovingly as if our kids will make it impossible for you to enjoy your lunch or dinner – I promise Addyson and Peyton won’t spoil your meal.
We were out and about the other day and decided to stop and have lunch at a nicer-than-usual restaurant (read: not a fast-food joint). There weren’t many other patrons (we were having a late lunch at around 2 p.m.) but I immediately noticed that we were seated away from the couples and other folks who hadn’t schlepped their kids along. Five minutes after sitting down we were asked to relocate because the high chair we grabbed for Peyps was blocking the aisle. No prob. We ended up being taken to a more populated part of the restaurant and were met with a few “Oh great; kids” looks. And frankly, that really irritated me. (I should say we were definitely met with more, “Aw, cute kids!” looks but I definitely noticed nasty grimaces too.)
Here’s the thing: We were at a table for four. Peyton sat in a high chair pulled up to the table beside me. Addy sat next to Peter in a booster seat on a chair. Addy coloured, giggled and ate a grilled cheese. Peyps played with my wallet, glasses case, Peter’s BlackBerry case, the crayon box, her sippy cup, ate her cookie and shared Addy’s grilled cheese and fries. Both kids were quiet and stayed seated (something they don’t always do at home). And when Addy was finished and wanted to get up and walk around, there was no running through aisles and bugging people; she stood nicely beside me.
The point of my story is this: Not every kid runs around, screams and will spoil a night (or afternoon) out at a restaurant, though many patrons are still super quick to think that they will. I’m cognizant of the way my kids are behaving in public. If Addy had thrown a fit, one of us would’ve taken her outside and diffused the situation. And if she (or Peyps) still wouldn’t settle, we simply would’ve left. I would expect the same courtesy from other parents.
What’s your take on the topic? How often do you take your brood to restaurants? Are you ever met with nasty looks from diners? What do you do when your kids misbehave? 

This article was originally published on Nov 04, 2011

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