Lisa says: It's beginning to look a lot like Chrismukkah

It's Lisa's fourth official Christmas and Peter's fourth official Hanukkah. Who else is celebrating Chrismukkah this year?

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: It's beginning to look a lot like Chrismukkah

The shot for this year's holiday card

By this time next week our very girly Christmas tree will be trimmed and our Hanukkah menorah will stand beside it. This year's Chrismukkah card (featuring this delicious picture; the photo shoot took a good 40 minutes and was a stressful event for this very nutty snap-happy mommy) will be framed and displayed on the table at our front door with the framed cards from the last three Chrismukkahs (since Addy's first). (And yes, Addy's shirt shows Rudolph's antlers as a menorah; Peyton's has snowmen in place of the menorah's candles. If you've been following along over the past few years, you might remember Addy's first card. Her shirt said, "Oy to the World." Still a classic around here.) The sticky acorn and maple leaf decals on our kitchen door will be replaced by dreidels, Santa, snowflakes and skiing penguins. And our singing snowman (who belts out "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" when you press his wee hand) and giant Rudolph will be out from the boxes in the basement where they've been hibernating since last year. 

Yup, it's beginning to look a lot like Chrismukkah in our house. 

I keep wondering if this will be the year Addy wonders what the heck we're doing with a tree and a menorah, but then I remind myself that she's only three and celebrating both holidays is totally normal in her world. I say "normal" because this whole Chrismukkah thing is still relatively new to me and just starting to feel like the new "norm" for us. Is it weird for Peter to light the menorah? I'd say so. Is it slightly bizarre for me to tell the kids Santa's coming and deck my halls with Christmassy bits and bobs? I'm not going to lie — it kind of is. But celebrating both holidays for the kids was a decision me and Peter made before we tied the knot. (I'm a planner. What can I say.) I like that my kids get both gelt and advent calendars, and watch Christmas specials while eating latkes.

Who else celebrates Chrismukkah? (It does have a nicer ring than Hanumas, right?) Did you adopt it for the kids? How do you do it in your home? And, be honest, did it take a bit of getting used to?

This article was originally published on Dec 05, 2011

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