Lisa says: It's a...

By Lisa
Lisa says: It's a...


We went for our second trimester ultrasound this morning and the only person who knows what we're having is the sonographer, Ava.

Last night before bed I asked Peter if he wanted to find out and got the usual, "It doesn't matter to me; whatever you want to do is fine." To which I replied, "Let's pretend it's up to you and you alone. What's it gonna be?" He then admitted that he really, really enjoyed being able to go out to the waiting room to let everyone know Addy had been born, and he'd choose to do that again if given the choice.

Decision made.

So when Ava asked before she started this morning if we'd like to know the sex of the baby, I firmly said "No, thanks." About 10 or 15 minutes into the 50-minute test I asked her if she could tell whether BvdG2 is a boy or girl. (Because I'm not as far along as we thought, the baby was only showing to be about 17 and a half weeks, so Ava said right off the bat that we'd need to rebook and come back in two weeks so they could get the details/measurements she couldn't get today.) "Yes," she said without hesitation. 

I couldn't believe my ears. I figured it would be too early or too difficult for her to tell (she kept telling us how hard it was to see things at this stage and how two weeks makes a huge difference in what they can make out). But she sounded super confident and that almost (almost) made me cave and ask her what she saw inside me. (A Twig and berries--as my British pal says--or nothing dangling between the legs?) Instead I looked over at Peter and grinned. So now Ava (a stranger) knows what I'm schlepping around and I don't. Ech, I made my bed...

The good news is that her report showed that everything looked normal. When I go back for the next appointment the sonographer will check the baby's heart, mouth, lips and nose--Ava couldn't get clear enough measurements today. Oh, and BvdG's heart rate was 136--lower than the heart rate at my dating ultrasound and much lower than Addy's ever was. (Boy?) 

Peter got to see lots of action (as usual) and when Ava turned the monitor for me to take a peek, she pointed out BvdG2's head, spine, legs, arms, hands, tummy and bum. Super cute. I got one picture to take home and I kind of think s/he has a little boy face. (Silly, I know. I said the same thing about little Addy's face when I saw her in the 18-week ultrasound.)

Oh, and Peter and I had an agreement that if he saw something (while I was busy counting ceiling tiles) he'd tell me. This time he had trouble making out the head, so he wasn't confident about anything.

Could you make out bit and bobs (or lack thereof) when you had ultrasounds? Were you right? And for those who found out at the ultrasound, was the sonographer right about what he/she told you?

Addy at 20 weeks

BvdG2 at almost 18 weeks today. Do they look alike? :)

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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