Lisa says: I resolve to...

Did you keep your 2012 resolutions? Lisa didn't do such a great job either. What do you resolve for 2013?

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: I resolve to...

I've been a bad blogger over the holidays. I promised myself I'd tell you all about Christmas and Hanukkah, show you lots of pretty pictures of my joyous family time and update you with what's been going on around our merry little household. Much like my plan to lose the rest of my baby weight in 2012, I failed miserably.  

Instead of looking back on the past couple of weeks and recounting the holidays (busy, sick, busy, sick, busy, busy, tiring, messy house) and going on about what the kids got (too much) and we've been up to (busy, sick, busy, busy, tired, messy), I'm looking back on the entire year.

Fifty-one weeks ago, I used this space to write about why 2012 would be "THE" year. Here's what I said and where I stand today, a day away from 2013: 

"My stupid, aggravating, tedious, sad, boring, scary, anger-inducing PPD will vanish."
CURRENT STATUS: Pushed to 2013. 

"I'll be done with all of my damn PPD-related prescriptions. I'm sick of taking three different "anti-" drugs each day."
CURRENT STATUS: Pushed to 2013. 

"I'll regain my patience and remember what it's like to relax with my beautiful girls and hubs."
CURRENT STATUS: Progress made. I could do better.  

"Addy will pee and poo on the potty. And I'll actually put the effort in to get her to pee and poo on the potty."
CURRENT STATUS: DONE AND DONE. (I just high-fived myself.)  

"Peyps will talk. I don't know what the hell "BEEHSHF" means."

"I'll drop the last 30 baby pounds I want off me. (Old Lisa would've said 40 pounds, but I'm trying not to be so hard on myself.)"
CURRENT STATUS: Grr. Argh. Meh. Grrr. Pushed to 2013.

"I'll try not to be so hard on myself." 
CURRENT STATUS: See above. (Grumble. Shrug.)

"I'm doing what I love. I'm lucky — I've been doing what I love pretty much since graduating university. But now I'm REALLY doing what I love. This is what I tweeted on January 1, 2012: "Super high hopes for 2012. Resolve to keep writing for the magazines I love and add more of my favourites to my writing roster." I spend my days writing for my favourite magazines (Today's Parent included). There's nothing I'd rather be doing." 
CURRENT STATUS: Big smiley face. 

"I'll keep working on my craft and I'll keep going after assignments and writing gigs that excite me. I'll try for bigger and strive for better." 
CURRENT STATUS: Bigger smiley face.  

"I'll have more fun. Period." 
CURRENT STATUS: Pushed to 2013. 

"I won't get wrapped up in drama. Scratch that — I won't get wrapped up in my own (familial, occupational, whatever) drama. I will continue to be wrapped up in Jersey Shore drama. Guilty pleasures."
CURRENT STATUS: EPIC FAIL. Pushed to 2013. Replace Jersey Shore with Dance Moms. 

"I'll indulge in more guilty pleasures. Yeah, I love Teen Mom 2. There. I said it."
CURRENT STATUS: I could do better. And still love Teen Mom 2. 

Not surprisingly, there's still some work to be done in 2013. I have a handful of other things I'd like to work on/attempt/accomplish, too. 

- Find my mellow. 

- Watch the newest member of our family, my nephew (I'm an auntie!) Sebastian, born on December 27 and weighing in at 7lb. 8oz., grow. (Congratulations, Shayna and Peter!)

- Go back to yoga. 

- Find time to go back to yoga, and to do other things besides work. 

- Do other things besides work. 

- Go for more manicures and pedicures. My hardworking, constantly typing nails deserve it. 

- Get Peter to eat more vegetables. Get Peter to eat vegetables. Caesar salad is not a vegetable. 

- Fill out the kids' baby books.

- Read more with the kids. We read, but I want to read more. I want them to love reading as much as I do. And, according to Mrs. E, who called me all excited just before the holidays to very proudly tell me that Addy's ready to start basic reading on her own, there's no better time to make sure we read every night
 — no matter how tired I am, no matter how much reading I've already done during the day on my own (it's part of the job), I have to turn my kids into little readers. It's the least I can do. I still add and subtract using my fingers. If they end up with my math brain...enough said. 

- Get my bed back. As much as I adore Addy's bedroom, I'm sick of sleeping in it. I want my damn bed back. 

- Take my own advice. Ask any of my colleagues, friends, random acquaintances on social media: Not to toot my own horn, but I give pretty good advice. Now if only I could take my own...

- Be a better listener.
- Keep my big mouth shut when necessary. 

- Clean my bathrooms more often. Seriously. Gross. 

- Let things go. Let people go. Let toxic situations go. Do not let toxic toilet bowls go.

- Read the two self-help books (don't judge) the shrink told me to buy: Feeling Good and Mind over Mood. 

- Announce that my 27-month-old, Peyps, has peed on the potty. 
CURRENT STATUS: MY 27-MONTH-OLD, PEYPS, HAS PEED ON THE POTTY! Four times in the last two days. And I haven't spent a penny on bribes. More on this later in the week. 

- Boost my immune system. 

- Go on more date nights. 

- Go on more fun day trips with Peter and the kids.

- Go on more girls' night out nights.

- See my best friend more often. 

- Update the books I use to keep all of my hard-copy blog posts for the girls.

- Blog more often. 

- Get more insight, knowledge, ideas, suggestions, slaps on the wrist and pats on the back from you guys, and find out more about you
 — since you know so much about me. :) (Which reminds me, congrats to Kristi Warren of St. John's who recently gave birth to a lovely little lad. Like many of you, Kristi has read our blog from the beginning (thank you!) and she's shared her parenting wisdom with me and Peter many times. Even though we've never met and never spoken IRL, Kristi and I are Facebook friends and I think it's pretty cool that I know a little something about her after all these years of her knowing so much about me.) 

Are you making resolutions this year? How did you do with last year's? Tell me. I'm nosey. (Right, Kristi?) 

This article was originally published on Dec 30, 2012

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