Lisa says: I encourage my girls to be girlie-girls

Why Lisa is all for her daughters being pink, purple, sugar, spice and all things girlie.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa says: I encourage my girls to be girlie-girls

So this is probably going to go over like a lead balloon but to each her own, right? It's not popular, 2011 opinion (much like my take on the merits of formula feeding and letting little ones watch TV) but I don't get the whole idea of raising a child to be "genderless." In fact, I — gasp — *like* that Addy is a total girlie-girl and I hope Peyton follows her sister's lead. 

My kids are stereotypical girls and I'm cool with that. They have pink and purple bedrooms. Addy's into shoes, bags, jewellery, crowns, tiaras, nail polish, makeup, hairspray, mousse, party dresses and Disney princesses. (She knows almost all of Beauty and the Beast verbatim.) She doesn't like getting her hands dirty. She spends most of her time playing in her kitchen set (she makes drinks, cooks dinner, makes Peyton snacks) and likes to dust, vacuum and sweep. She's very motherly with Peyps, Baby Celeste, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse and all of her girlie dolls. I wouldn't care if she never wanted to play with cars or action-figures (though I did love Transformers in my day) or didn't enjoy phys-ed in school. 

I get that some of my fellow mom colleagues, mom friends, mom readers and mom bloggers would be outraged by the mere suggestion that I like the thought of my pretty little daughters being super feminine girlie-girls. I'm well aware that it's not very 2011 of me. I'm not saying I want them to get hitched and spend their lives barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but I'm definitely not against it if that's what ends up making them happy. (After they get their university degrees, of course. They have no choice there.) :)

All that said, if (and possibly when) they one day decide they're into sports, they're sick of all their girlie items and they want to paint their rooms garish (as opposed to pretty) shades of blue, I'll roll with it. Like I said, whatever makes them happy. Still, there's no denying the old soul in me would be quite content if Addy and Peyps grow up keeping their sugar-and-spice diva-ness. 

Parents: What do you make of raising your child to be genderless?

Moms of girls: Do you think I'm nuts? Are your girls girlie? Do you encourage them to do stereotypical "boy" things so they aren't pigeon-holed into being typical girls? Moms of boys: How do you feel? Do you or your husbands encourage your boys to do typical boy things? 

As always, I'd love to hear what other parents think.

This article was originally published on Oct 27, 2011

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