Lisa says: How my booty's shaping up

By Lisa

Peter was going to blog today but I told him he had to wait so I could share my latest workout results with you. (Hey, I figure if you're going to listen to me whine about my baby weight you might as well hear about my progress.)

As you know I've been doing Booty Camp Fitness for a few months now. It's an amazing workout, it's social, it gets me out of the house and the fresh air and endorphins clear my anxiety-ridden head. (Workouts move indoors next month; hoping there's still a bit of outside time -- even if it means running up and down grassy hills. I love the crisp fall air.)

I've been avoiding taking measurements for a month or so because I haven't felt like I've really lost much. Also, I was getting a bit disheartened by the number on the scale not dropping as much as I'd hoped it would. (Of course I completely forgot that muscle weighs more than fat, and I'm definitely building muscle.) Measurements just happened to be taking place before Wednesday's class and I decided to go for it to see if my hard work (and sweaty, out-of-breath Mondays and Wednesdays) has been paying off.

Here are my current results:

1) I’ve lost 12 pounds. Yes, I was expecting to have lost more but hey, it's a step in the right direction.

2) I’ve lost 26 inches overall, including:
- 6 inches off my waist
- 7 inches off my hips
- 3 inches off each upper arm
- 3 inches off my chest
- 1 inch off each thigh
- 2 inches off my caboose

3) Caliper measurements (that tool I mentioned before that that pinches your tummy, arm and leg fat — hard — and measures how much of the jiggly stuff it grabs in millimetres):
- 26 millimetres off my arm
- 17 millimetres off my tummy
- 21 millimetres off my thigh

So there you have it. I've been having a rough week (work, new meds, feverish kids) so I was pretty pumped by how far I've come. (And by the thought of how much more I can accomplish if I keep at it!)


Anyone else want to share how they're doing on their bye-bye-baby-weight (even if your baby hasn't been a baby in years) journey?

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