Lisa says: How big can I get?

By Lisa
Lisa says: How big can I get?

Honestly. I'd like to know. Look at these pictures. I have seven more weeks until BvdG2 arrives. Is it possible that I can get bigger than this?

This shot was taken a few weeks ago.

This one was taken yesterday.

I'm starting to freak out about how much bigger I'm going to get in the next seven weeks. It's not a vanity thing--I think my massive tummy is pretty cute. I just feel like BvdG2 doesn't have any room left in there, and all this weight is taking a toll on me physically; I'm always short of breath, my hips and legs are constantly sore and I'm really slowing down--it takes me a good 25 minutes to make the seven-minute walk from the subway to the office, for example. (Oh, and did I mention that a bunch of my mat clothes are now too tight?)

At this point in my pregnancy with Addy (about 33 weeks along), I had already gained more than 70 pounds and Addy was already a whopping five pounds. Here's what we looked like then:

What do you think? Am I bigger this time or last? Were you this huge when you were expecting? Do you think I'm carrying the same way?

(Can't believe I'm actually asking for comments about my weight. :) )

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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