Lisa says: Happy birthday, Turtie

By Lisa
Lisa says: Happy birthday, Turtie

Have I mentioned Turtie in our blog before? (We've been blogging for more than three years and I have a wicked case of mommy brain today.)

Turtie is precisely what you think she is: A turtle. My red-eared slider is 15 today.

You're probably thinking that I've lost my marbles (and, as you know, you wouldn't be entirely wrong), but I'm serious. I got Turtie when I was 16. I've known her longer than I've known Peter and she's a very special part of our family -- so special, in fact, that she's travelled with us (road trips), we included a tiny bit of turtle flair into our wedding and I wrote about her in the September 2010 issue of Today's Parent in a feature dedicated to what pets mean to families.

I had two fish when I was a kid. That's it. No puppies (even though my sisters and I begged), no cats, no birds (terrified of birds) and no hamsters (though my neighbour down the street had about a dozen that today remain buried in her parents' front yard). I somehow talked my parents into letting me get Turtie and the rest is history.

The best part about having our teenaged turtle now is that Addy and Peyton adore her. Anytime Addy sees a turtle on TV, in books, etc., she says, "Mommy, that's a turtle like my Turtie." Both Addy and Peyton wore outfits with turtles today and Addy made her a card (which she proudly presented her with this morning).

So, to my first wee girl, happy 15th birthday, Turtie. ;)

How do your toddlers interact with your pets? Are your kids asking for a new pet? (When does the "I want a puppy!" begging start? I need to be prepared.)

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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