Lisa says: Gifts that keep on giving

Lisa’s obsessed with giving personalized gifts.

Photo by Jeff Van Campen via Flickr.

I’ve always prided myself on my awesome gift-giving skills — I’m the one in my family who comes up with THE best presents. I’m so great at it that my dad not only mentioned this awesome skill in his speech at my wedding, he actually brought the toilet putt-putt golf game I got him for when he’s sitting on the throne. (That was an awesome gift.)

I’ve always been crazy excited to give gifts — I spend a ton of time thinking about the perfect gift and what the recipient would love. When I found out I was pregnant with Addy, the pressure to come up with phenomenal presents quadrupled. I was now gifting on behalf of the first grandchild in the family — this was a big deal.

If you’re wondering who those people are who buy sweatshirts that say: “World’s Best Zaidy” and “World’s Best Opa,” that would be me. I’m a sucker for all things I can gift that has Addy and Peyton’s faces on it, like the calendars of the girls all the grandparents get for Christmas and Hanukkah that I spend hours putting together. (I’ve yet to make one for myself, but I love watching Bubby, Zaidy, Opa, Nonna and GG flip through their calendars and “awwww” at all the sweet pictures of their granddaughters.)

Needless to say, with Father’s Day around the corner, I’ve come up with yet another winner this year. I’m not divulging what the grandfathers are getting — in case they still read this blog. (My father-in-law told me he stopped reading after I started talking about my bras so often. I think my dad stopped when I posted my pregnancy pee tests on April 25, 2008. Fair enough.) I’ll post pics after the weekend.

I know I’m not the only mama who loves these kinds of gifts. Who’s with me? Do you give these types of presents, or do you think they’re tacky?

Photo by Jeff Van Campen via Flickr.

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