Lisa says: Addyson the tattletale

Addy's a little squealer when it comes to what her sister's up to.

Lisa's little gossip

I’m not sure if this is typical of all older siblings (even though I am one), but Addyson is a huge blabbermouth. She’s constantly telling on Peyton — she makes sure Peter and I know every move the kid makes.

“Mommy, Peyps is trying to open the gate!” 

“Mommy, Peyps is taking cereal out of the cupboard!”

“Mommy, Peyps drooled all over your magazine!”

“Mommy, Peyps found a Cheerio under the couch and ate it!”

“Mommy, I think Peyps made a poo!”

While the constant blabbing gets irritating now and then, it’s actually kind of nice that she keeps me posted on what her little sis is up to. (As previously mentioned, Peyton is notorious for getting into mischief.) Addy’s such a wonderful big sister, and I’m OK with her telling me what Peyps is doing, but I don’t want her to turn into a little gossip when she goes to school — gulp — and starts hanging out with other kids. 

I can’t remember if I was always telling on my younger sisters when I was a kid. My mom (who I just phoned for confirmation) says I often tattletaled on my siblings. She says I had a big mouth when I was a kid, and I still do.

Does your eldest tattle on his or her siblings? Does he or she snitch on kids at school and other friends, or does the gossip stay in your house? 


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