Lisa says: Addy has a bad habit...

Lisa's trying to figure out how to squash Addy's latest habit

I’m the first to admit that I have a few habits. I pick and bite my nails and fingers (not attractive) and I’m forever fluffing my giant thick curly hair. Peter has a bunch of habits, too, though they’re way ickier than mine.

In the last month or so, Little Miss Addy has started wiping her nose with her hands. (And not just wiping with a finger once in a while — she takes her whole hand and rubs it down her nose. She doesn’t do it because her nose is runny or stuffed, or because it’s dirty. My youngest sister used to do this nose-twitch thing (think bunny rabbits, or Samantha from Bewitched) for the longest time. (In fact, she might’ve only just stopped doing it a year or two ago. Just kidding, Kylee.) 

Anyway, I’m not sure how to get my nose-wiper to quit the habit. (I’m obviously not so great at stopping my own bad habits…my nails look terrible. And they have since I was a wee thing.)

Do/did your little ones have any strange habits you’re trying to break? Does anyone’s kid have a nose fetish? 

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