Lisa says: 75,000 words (and counting)

By Lisa

I've been doing an obscene amount of blogging over the last week -- I've been working on the books of "Tummy talk" (the first title of this blog), "Baby babble -- Life with Addyson" and "Baby babble, toddler talk" I'm compiling for Addy and Peyps to have when they're older. (After spending hours copying our entries -- and I'm still not done! -- it occurred to me that I hadn't actually blogged in a week. Oops.)

Our blog overfloweth. I was aware that Peter and I blog a lot, but I had no idea just how much until I started this little project for the girls. From April 20, 2008 to March 24, 2011 (like I said, I'm still working on it), we've written 212 Word doc pages and 75,075 words. (I hope the kids are good readers.)

Actually tallying up how much babbling we've done has been quite the eye-opener. I always wanted to keep a record for my kids but there's no way I ever could've kept such a detailed account without writing this blog. I have two baby books that are collecting dust in my closet because our blog has truly taken the place of a formal record book, photo captions, etc. Most if not all of our memories and important milestones are recorded in these 212 pages (and counting) starting with my first post featuring my pee-on-a-stick positive pregnancy tests. (Oh how the kids will love that. Oh how embarrassed they will one day be.)

Do you record details about your kids in writing (as opposed to just photos)? Do you keep a blog? (If you do, please leave the link in the comments. I'd love to read more about you, since you already know everything there is to know about me.) ;) Do you fill up baby books? How important is it for you to pass along memories to your kids?

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