Lisa asks: When do school drop-offs get easier?

Turns out taking Addy to school isn't the piece of cake Lisa thought it would be.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa asks: When do school drop-offs get easier?

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First of all, I had every intention to post here yesterday to wish my beautiful, smart, hilarious, sweet, caring, witty, loving, sarcastic, curly-haired, mini-me baby, Addyson (who just turned the big FOUR), a wonderful birthday, but the day got away from me, and celebrations ran into the wee hours. (I'm choosing to think that my devilish Peyton was just super excited for Addy — as opposed to being a pain in our butts — when she wouldn't go to bed last night.) Anyway, my first baby (besides 16-year-old Turtie) is officially a bubbly four-year-old, and I couldn't be more proud.

Speaking of being proud of my kid, I've been really impressed by how great Addy's been at going to school without any tears — or so I thought. She's told me a couple of times at pickup time that she "cried a little today because I missed you." (Sniff, sniff.) But today was different — my poor kid silently bawled before school, in the car to school, and outside the school. I know she was tired after all her birthday excitement yesterday, but the kid had a serious case of "I miss my mommy" blues.

And it wasn't just Addy this morning — a whack of kids were crying (quietly and not-so-quietly) in the kindergarten area this morning. And more than a few kids had to be taken into class by their teachers and parents literally kicking and screaming. I tried to keep Addy to one side of the gated area while I hugged her and held her hand (and pathetically tried to make her laugh: "Should Mommy be sad and cry at work today?" I asked. "No, that would be silly," she said) so she didn't hear and see too many of the other upset little ones. When the bell rang and her teacher came out to usher the class in, I told her to "have a good day at the office," which elicited a giggle, but I could still see those tears in her little peepers. (And, honestly, I had a few extra sniffles myself.)

I know we're only in the third week of school, but when does the dreaded morning drop-off get better for students and parents?

This article was originally published on Sep 20, 2012

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