Lisa asks: What was your last parenting fail?

The year only just started and Peter and Lisa have already failed miserably at part of their parenting job.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa asks: What was your last parenting fail?

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I know it's a new year (Happy New Year!) and we're all trying to start 2013 off on the right foot, but, not surprisingly, we already have a parenting fail under our belts.

I told you the other day that 27-month-old Peyton has peed on the toilet — five times now. What I neglected to say is that I realized we haven't been encouraging the kid... at all. Like, we're not trying to potty train her, even a little bit. Not only that, but we've actually been dissuading her from doing tinkles on the toilet.

Example: Peyton will say something like, "Peyps make pee-pee?" "Peyps go toilet?" "Me go toilet?" "Me pee like Addy?" "Me have to make pee now." And, instead of us jumping up, ripping the kid's diaper off and throwing her onto the toilet, we (her not-so-perfect parents) generally respond with, "Oh just pee in your diaper, Peyps." Or "You can make pee-pee; you have a diapee on." Or "You're still a baby! Babies make pee in their diapers!"

Like I said. Parenting Fail.

But last night we came to our senses.

Addy was in the bathtub and Peyps was getting "in her nudies" to join her. Peter went to grab a towel, and I was responding to a work email while standing in the doorway of our bathroom. Then, all of a sudden I smelled something, looked down, and saw my naked Peyps standing on my pretty, upgraded master bathroom tile — without her diaper — in a pool of pee. Instead of telling me she had to pee and needed to go on the potty, she yanked off her diaper and peed. On the floor. My bathroom floor. I can't really blame her — it's not like we've been good about getting her on the toilet and reminding her to tell us when she has to pee.

This was an eye-opener. Peyps went directly into the tub (after laughing hysterically with Addy), Peter wiped up the pee (is this what it's like to have a puppy?) and I grabbed the Swiffer. From now on, we'll be encouraging Peyton to use the potty — we'll ask her if she has to pee, we'll throw her on the toilet, we'll get all excited when she tells us she has to pee, etc. Not only will Peyton be proud of herself, but she'll also be out of diapers sooner rather than later (we could use the extra cash in our pockets) and she'll, hopefully, never urinate on my floor again.

So, there's my latest parenting fail admission. What was your last parenting fail?

This article was originally published on Jan 09, 2013

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