Lisa asks: Quick Disney poll

By Lisa

Not that we're going anytime in the near future, but I was chatting with a pal yesterday about the best age to take kids to Disney. Peter and I also have this discussion often. He gets very excited and super goofy (ha ha!) about taking the girls to Mickey's house.

My dad surprised my mom (and us) for her 40th birthday with a cruise to the Bahamas and a few days at Disney. I'd imagine it took him quite some time to save for and he was really, really excited about it. It was the first "real" family vacation we'd ever taken (not including Buffalo over-nighters and Ottawa to see family) and the first time my sisters and I had flown anywhere -- I was 16. Unfortunately much of the trip was lost on me -- Disney was cool but hanging out with my parents and sisters when I was 16? Not so much.

So a quick poll:

1. Have you taken your tots to Disney?

2. How old were they when you went?

3. Given your experience, what would you say the ideal age is to take them?

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