Lisa asks: Do your kids have strange habits?

Lisa's not sure, but she's wondering if Addy's recent (and questionable) behaviour is actually a bad habit.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa asks: Do your kids have strange habits?

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There's no gentle way to say this, and the folks who are against posting about their kids on Facebook because little ones can't make the decision about what is and what isn't shared about them will be unimpressed, but Addy's been, um, how do you say, yanking at her undies lately. That is, she's been pulling them out as if she's in a constant state of wedgie.

She complained a couple of weeks ago that she was sore. I thought that perhaps her undies were getting too small, so I ran out and bought a bigger size. She continued to complain... and yank.

I then thought that perhaps she didn't like the cut of the new panties, so I ran out and bought her a different style. She continued to complain... and yank.

I investigated the area one day during bath time, and didn't see anything peculiar (redness, etc.), so I decided to give her a refresher course on wiping herself after going to the bathroom. She continued to complain... and yank.

My mom suggested she could be allergic to the new brand of laundry detergent I've been using (a.k.a whatever's on sale), so I rewashed all of her undies in the detergent I use to wash my delicates — expensive bras and Spanx. She continued to complain... and yank.

So here's the thing: She doesn't say it hurts all the time, and I don't even think she realizes she's yanking anymore. I'm wondering if she's developed a not-so-ladylike habit. (If it is a bad habit, I'd rather she just bite her nails like I do.)

I sent an email to Mrs. E asking if she's noticed Addy doing it in school. I also told Addy that if it continues and she's really sore, I'm taking her to Dr. C, which she seems OK with.

I was one of those kids who had bladder infections every five minutes, but I don't think she has one. I've ruled out a yeast infection (*she types, shuddering for her four-year-old*) because she says she's not itchy. The thing is, I'm now preoccupied with watching the poor kid and her crotch. I don't want her to feel embarrassed, and if she actually is sore, then I'll feel like someone who shouldn't even get a Mother's Day card for waiting this long to contact the doctor.

Anyone have a daughter who's had this issue/habit? What do you think I should be doing figuring it's a habit, or taking her to get checked out? Do your kids have any questionable habits you wish didn't exist?

This article was originally published on May 07, 2013

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