Lisa asks: Are your kids bedwetters?

Lisa has a confession to make.

By Lisa van de Geyn
Lisa asks: Are your kids bedwetters?

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So, yeah. I have a confession — nay, another confession — to make. In the last five years of blogging, I've shown my pee-on-a-stick pregnancy tests; I've told you that I suffer from PPD and anxiety, and I'm still on meds to prove it; I've told you I don't think breastfeeding is the be-all end-all, and that my kids thrived on formula; and I confessed to the way I handled the whole "who Handy Manny can marry" thing. (Oy. Why did I bring that up again?)

In national magazines, Today's Parent included, I've divulged my bra size, the weight I gained with both Addy and Peyps (140lbs total — don't judge), and my pant size — which isn't the size six I was pre-pregnancy.   

And now, today, right here, I admit to the following: I was a serious bedwetter growing up. (The things I divulge for my craft.)

Addy's been in underwear day and night for about two months now. (One night we ran out of Pull-Ups and, since everyone was too exhausted to schelp out to the store, we decided we'd put Addy in undies for the night.) Since Addy got out of her diapers (about a month before school started), she's never had an accident. (Well, she had a tiny one once at my parents', but nothing major.) She hasn't peed her pants at school (phew) and she is very good about knowing when she has to go to the potty.

But even though she's been successful during the day, I confess (again), I didn't have much faith that the kid would go through from night to morning and wake up with dry sheets.

But she has; there hasn't been even one nighttime accident to report. (Hope I haven't jinxed us.)

A few weeks ago, while making dinner, Peter and I were chatting about this very topic. This conversation followed:

Me: "I'm shocked that Addy doesn't wet the bed. I've heard that it can be a hereditary thing...


Me: "I have to tell you something."

Peter: "Yeah?"

Me: "I've never admitted this, but I was a chronic bedwetter. Like, I did it... a lot. And... for a while."

Peter: "Are you serious?"


Peter: "I was too. We better hope it's not hereditary."

So Addy and Peypee's parents wet the bed when we were kids. Often. The good news is, thankfully, that even though Addy is my Mini-Me, she hasn't adopted my nighttime-deep-sleep-dreaming-about-peeing-on-the-toilet-and-peeing-my-bed-instead habit.

Did/do your kids wet the bed? Did you as a kid? (Go on, admit it. We're all adults here.) If your tots did/do wet the bed, how long did it go on for, and what tips do you have to stop it? (I might need the help because, let's be honest; with Addy's genes, she could start peeing the bed nightly any day now.

This article was originally published on Dec 13, 2012

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