Jimmy Kimmel encourages parents to make their kids cry, again

Amanda says, "That's enough, Jimmy Kimmel"

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently issued another challenge to parents, similar to the “I ate all your Halloween candy” prank he urged them to take part in back in October. This time he asked viewers to wrap up a terrible present, give it to their kids and film their reaction.

The Halloween edition had its moments of hilarity, as does this one. All the kids react differently: some appear to be in on the joke, others are devastated to unwrap a rotting banana or half-eaten sandwich. One child is particularly upset, sobbing and even shoving the cameraperson.

I kind of feel like Kimmel needs to just cut it out. The joke is kind of played out by this point, and it’s uncomfortable to watch kids bawl their eyes out. Maybe he could just leave these particular examples out of the montage (and leave in the moments that are genuinely funny, like the Hot Pocket girl)? It calls into question when a funny kid video stops being funny. Or maybe Kimmel’s the smartest man in the world because he’s making a point about spoiled children. I don’t even know anymore.

What do you think of these pranks? Funny or not funny?

Photo by Crazybananas via Flickr.

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