Introducing the phone stack

Amanda loves this new way of enforcing cell phone etiquette

Credit: Roo Reynolds

Have you heard of the “phone stack”? I first heard the expression yesterday, and I’m already in love with this idea.

As this post from Kempt explains, a phone stack works like this: When you’re out having dinner with a group of friends, everyone is required to place their phone face-down in the middle of the table. If you’re going for something more literal, you can actually stack your phones on top of each other (pictured).

As you’re all enjoying your food you will be tempted by the vibrations and beeps coming from the stack. But here’s where it gets tricky: no one is allowed to touch their phone. And the first person who does has to pick up the tab.

I think this is an awesome and fun way to combat chronic phone-checking during what is supposed to be a social activity (and I’m one of the worst offenders). It’s like a game! A game where the goal is to learn manners!

My question is, how could this idea be adapted for dinner parties? I once had a guest keep her phone on the table throughout the meal and check every single text that came in. Obviously a guest isn’t expected to pay for anything, so how could we make the phone stack technique work in this situation?

What do you think of the “phone stack”? Would you ever try it?

Photo by Roo Reynolds via Flickr.

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