Hipster names for babies

Amanda wonders: What makes a baby name "hipster," anyway?

By Amanda Factor
Hipster names for babies

Credit: mattchrisross

Today I took a peek at Babble's list of "Top 20 hipster baby names." A few seemed undeniably celebrity baby-inspired (Brooklyn, Matilda), and of course there were the literary references (Holden). Then you had the quirky, androgynous names like Wren and London. It sort of brings up the question: What makes a baby name "hipster," anyway?

I don't have kids, unless you count my furbabies: two cuddly and affectionate cats. I named my first cat Mocha, which is pretty standard as far as animal names go. My second cat's name is Bubs, which on the surface seems pretty average, but the origin is pretty hipster: I named him after a character from the Flash-animated Internet cartoon Homestar Runner. Well, maybe more nerd than hipster. Wait, is there a difference?

One of my past jobs was adding closed captions to old TV shows for DVD releases. When we worked on Dynasty I fell in love with the name Fallon (because of prissy Fallon Carrington Colby) and decided if I ever had a daughter I'd name her Fallon. Around the same time I decided if I had a son I'd name him Faron, after the country singer Faron Young. And my last name is Factor. Fallon and Faron Factor. (Of course they'd take my last name! This is 2011!) Pretty hipster, right?

What do you think of Babble's list? And what do you consider a "hipster" baby name?

Photo by mattchrisross via Flickr

This article was originally published on Sep 01, 2011

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