Helen Gurley Brown has died at age 90

Hugely influential, former longtime Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Helen Gurley Brown, has died at age 90.

Photo: Claudiorodriguez/FameFlynet Pictures

When I was 16, I was walking home with my sister and best friend, Maria, when we stumbled upon a pile of discarded Cosmo mags. I was a bit of a late bloomer and had never really thought of myself as a burgeoning sexual being. While Cosmo was full of its fair share of fluff, I learned so much from reading those first issues. I also gained my intense love of lifestyle content on those pages and I credit Cosmo for starting me on the path to becoming the journalist I am today.
~Nadine Silverthorne, Managing Editor,

Former longtime Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Helen Gurley Brown, died today at age 90. Among many things, she’ll be remembered for paving the way for women journalists, as well as encouraging women not only to care for others, but also to care for themselves. We have a lot to thank her for.

How did Helen Gurley Brown inspire you?

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