Have you heard of a "menarche party"?

Amanda talks about the newest trend in marking coming of age

By Amanda Factor
Have you heard of a "menarche party"?

How did you feel when you got your first period? Were you ecstatic, because this signified that you were now officially a woman? Or were you horrified, uncomfortable, embarrassed, maybe even a little grossed out by your changing body?

If your feeling were more in line with the latter, then you probably wouldn't have wanted your parents to throw you a "menarche party," an idea that has existed in other cultures for centuries. Judging by the website for Menarche Parties R' Us (which has been making the rounds online over the past couple weeks), the North American version is an educational party where girls get to learn about having their period and celebrate it with friends, complete with menstruation-themed games!

Of course this milestone in a young girl's life should be one of learning and communication, and it's important to make her realize that getting her first period is totally normal and not gross. It might even be good to teach her about all the various "menarche" ceremonies that exist around the world (some of which actually sound pretty cool), to help her realize that this is a time of celebration. Buy her a little gift, give her a big hug, give her a card, whatever feels right.

All I'm saying is, before you go ordering a menarche party pack, make sure your daughter is okay with having her friends over to honour her "transition to womanhood." She might think the idea is really funny! Or maybe she won't really be in the mood to make a big deal about it, never mind play a rousing game of Pin the Ovaries. (I'm having flashbacks to the Cosby Show episode when Rudy gets her first period and is unenthusiastic about it, despite her mother's insistence that they do something special for "woman's day.")

Would you consider throwing your daughter a menarche party to celebrate her first period?

Image via Menarche Parties R' Us.

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2012

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