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Hair colouring made easy

Pretty simple: No time? No problem. Beat the winter blahs with these tips for easy-to-manage hair colour tips

By Janine Falcon
Hair colouring made easy

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Brightening up your look doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming; colouring your hair is a great, low-maintenance option.

Wondering where to start? A neutral shade that closely matches your natural hue tends to be the most flattering – and requires the least upkeep. Red is notoriously high maintenance, and gold is a problem because it can get brassy, says Luis Pacheco, Clairol consulting colourist and owner of Hair on the Avenue in Toronto.

Once you’ve decided on your shade, follow our expert-approved ways to keep colouring your hair simple.

Experiment with a less daring demi-permanent. Instead of permanent colour, choose demi-permanent for its shorter processing time and more gentle nature. The colour won’t last quite as long, but it won’t cause as much damage to your hair, either. “Even if you’re more than 50 percent grey, a demi will turn greys into highlights and slowly bow out without leaving obvious roots,” says Pacheco.

Do it at home. If you’re a diehard permanent-colour gal and DIY type, a 10-minute formula saves you time and money. You don’t have to sacrifice an hour or more in the stylist’s chair and you still get brilliant colour for less than $20. Plus, at-home kits work at a lower pH level than salon colour – so they are less damaging to hair and deliver high shine, explains Pacheco. “We sometimes use Clairol Perfect 10 at the salon for corrective work. It’s a no-brainer because what you see is what you get and the shine is unbelievable.”

Maintain your colour. Sadly, that fresh-from-the-salon hue is destined to fade. But you can keep your locks looking as bright and healthy as possible by using a colour-conserving shampoo and conditioner. Also, washing every second or third day instead of daily will help to extend the life of your colour.

Work with regrowth. Root touch-up kits are an easy bridge between appointments either at the “bathroom sink salon” or with a professional colourist. But if greys aren’t an issue, consider letting your roots grow in a bit and embracing an easy ombré effect between colouring sessions, especially if your dye job is close to your born-with-it shade. “The concept of darker roots to lighter ends is a really natural, beautiful look – you see it on children,” Pacheco says. Best of all, even several inches of regrowth will work with the look. It’s the perfect solution for busy moms: on-trend but totally no-fuss.

This article was originally published on Feb 21, 2012

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