Frozen Planet on DVD (+ giveaway!)

Laura reviews the most recent addition to the BBC Earth series. Spoiler alert: it's breathtaking!

By Laura Grande
Frozen Planet on DVD (+ giveaway!)

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If there's one thing we've come to expect from the David Attenborough-narrated BBC Earth series, it's the emphasis on breathtaking scenery of natural wonders from around the globe.

This time around the cameras sweep over the vast, barren expanses of snow and ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. Filmed over a span of more than four years, Attenborough's dedicated team captures everything from the solitary nature of male polar bears, the hunting tactics of wolf packs, the formation of icebergs and the immense wilderness of the Taiga Forest, which harbours one third of all the trees on earth.

Intelligent and thoroughly-researched, Frozen Planet covers a wide range of different animal species and topics, including the alarming fact that global warming is changing our polar regions much more rapidly than the rest of our planet.

Like its predecessors Planet Earth and Blue Planet, this new seven-part series illustrates the dedication and hard work of the crew. Watch for one particular scene in the first episode ("To the Ends of the Earth") where a group of orca whales search for their meal by swimming together in unison to create the giant waves that will knock unsuspecting seals off their ice floes. The hunt ultimately becomes a game of 'cat-and-mouse' and, as Attenborough tells us, it's the first time this orca whale hunting tactic has ever been caught on camera. That's no easy feat and it is just one of the many rewarding things about watching Frozen Planet.

Minor spoilers: Younger kids may find the narrative pacing a bit on the slow side. There are also some scenes of animals hunting and fighting that may frighten some kids.
Suggested age: 10+

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This article was originally published on May 04, 2012

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