Faith in humanity restored

21 pictures, 21 minutes. That's all it took for Amy to see the world in a better light.

By Amy Valm
Faith in humanity restored

Photo: Buzzfeed

Yesterday, BuzzFeed posted a gallery, “21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity.” It showcases acts of integrity and selflessness backed by photographic-evidence. The beauty of this gallery is the portrayal of people helping others, simply because it was the right thing to do. Nothing in this collection was posed for recognition.

All the photos are inspiring, some funny, others tugged at my heartstrings . My favourites are of an athlete helping her injured competitor hobble to the finish line, pushing her over the line before she crossed it herself. And a man, without a second-thought, jumping into water to save a stranger’s beloved pet.

I looked at the gallery at home, tears staining my cheeks. There was a soft knock on my door. My roommate popped her head in, concerned by my wet eyes, she inquired what was wrong?

“Nothing,” I said. “I’ve just had my faith in humanity restored.”

Do you have any inspiring stories of selflessness?

This article was originally published on Jun 21, 2012

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