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Diaper bag essentials

Wondering what you really need to schlep around in your diaper bag and what you can safely leave at home? Here's a quick list of what you should pack for your newborn before you head out.

By Today's Parent

Baby wipes: Have travel-sized packs on hand to clean baby after a change

Blanket: Depending on the season, either bring a light receiving blanket or something a little heavier and warmer

Bottles, formula and ice packs: If you bottle feed baby (whether it’s formula or breastmilk), be sure you pack a couple of bottles (and ice packs) in case baby gets hungry

Burp cloth: So your pal doesn’t go home after lunch with baby bring-up on her favourite top

Cell phone with paediatrician’s name and number: Just in case you need to make an emergency call, be sure your doctor’s numbers are on hand

Change of clothes: Pack an extra onesie, sleeper, pants and sweater


Change pad: Spare your mother-in-law’s couch and bring a proper change pad

Diapers: No need to bring a whole package. You should be safe packing one diaper for every hour you’re away from home

Diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly: You can find mini jars, tubes and containers of petroleum jelly or diaper rash creams at drugstores

Extra pacifiers: If your babe uses them, you won’t want to be caught without one if she throws hers out of the stroller

Medications: Bring something in case baby has a fever and don’t forget any medications you or baby are taking


Plastic bags and baggies: Plastic bags are ideal for getting dirty onesies home (in case baby has a big blowout). Carry baggies to place dirty nappies in before you toss

Playthings: Think stroller toys, rattles and teething rings baby can play with on your trip out

Snacks for mom: Healthy snacks (such as almonds, dried fruit, carrot sticks, etc.) will keep you from splurging on chocolate and chips when you’re out and about

Sunscreen: Babes older than six months should wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Don’t forget to put it on your wee one even in winter months

Water bottle for mom and cleanups: You’ll be happy you’re carrying one when you need a drink or when baby’s face, toys, etc. need a quick cleaning


Originally published in October 2008. 

This article was originally published on Jan 08, 2015

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