Child prodigies: 8 YouTube sensations

Here are some of our favourite kids making a stir on YouTube right now.

By Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
Child prodigies: 8 YouTube sensations

Kids got talent

Here we bring you eight young people who are not only the apples of their parents' eyes, but are also breaking world records, signing record deals and garnering millions of YouTube fans!

Check out some of the finest talents and brains of the next generation.

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Sujari Britt, Cellist

Sujari Britt, now 12, has been a musician since the early age of two. Since age four she's been playing the cello. She even played for President Obama when she was only eight years old! Here, you'll see she's a talent beyond her years.

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Jeremy Hazin, Ping-Pong champion

Thirteen-year-old Jeremy Hazin is in Grade 7 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He's also the youngest Canadian to play on the men's team for the world ping-pong championships. This month he competes in Paris. Watch him play here.

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Kelvin Doe, Inventor

Kelvin Doe is 15. He's delivered a talk at TEDxTeen and is a YouTube sensation. He builds batteries, generators and transmitters from garbage he finds in his home of Freetown, Sierra Leone. He's even made his own functioning radio station. Kelvin is the youngest person in history to be invited to the "Visiting Practitioner's Program" at MIT. Check him out here.

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Brooke Raboutou, Rock climber

At only 11, Brooke Raboutou regularly breaks world rock climbing records. Both of her parents are former world champions and coaches. She's gone beyond what experts thought possible for someone her age. Watch Brooke reach new heights here.

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Apoorva Mali, Magician

Another offspring of the world-renowned, six-year-old Apoorva Mali is already an accomplished magician. She has performed more than 250 shows across India and won numerous prizes. Check out her tricks here.

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Tina S., Guitar star

Known to this point only as Tina S., this 14-year-old's guitar playing has gotten her worldwide attention. In her viral YouTube video, she plays an impressive cover of the solo from Van Halen's song, "Eruption." Tina has been posting clips of herself playing guitar online since age nine. It's her nonchalance and rock star attitude, combined with her skills, that have people wowed. Rock gods be warned: Here comes Tina S.!

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Jonah Rocks, Drummer

Meet Jonah Rocks, an eight-year-old with an edge. He's entirely self-taught and even puts his own spin on the songs he covers. Jonah has had a following on YouTube since age three, when he first started drumming. At his young age, he's already met many celebrity musicians. Here he is jamming with the band Sum 41.

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Aldrich Lloyd Talonding & James Walter Bucong, Musician cousins

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding is not your avereage 14-year-old. His cover, performed with his 18-year-old cousin James Walter Bucong on guitar, of Luther Vandross' "Dance with my Father" was an instant YouTube phenomenon. Aldrich and James are members of B'laan, a tribal community in Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines.

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This article was originally published on May 23, 2013

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