Celebrity mom rehab

There’s nothing like kids to turn a lady from the carefree ways of her pre-mommy life. Here are some of our favourite reformed celebrity party girls who have done it best.

By Laura Grande
Celebrity mom rehab

This peaceful moment was made possible thanks to the promise of bouncy castles and M&Ms.

Celebrity mom rehab

Angelina Jolie

Once known as an eccentric wild child who wore a locket containing a drop of her then-husband’s blood around her neck, and bore marks from self-cutting, Jolie has since morphed into Hollywood’s most famous mother, and a respected humanitarian. Between raising her brood of six children with Brad Pitt and her gig as a U.N. Ambassador, her public persona did a complete 180.

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Her tough-girl image suggests a troublemaker in constant motion, and she’s certainly lived up to her punk persona, admitting to dabbling in recreational drug use. However, since the birth of her daughter Willow last year, Pink has mellowed out in a bubble of new-mommy bliss and is often spotted in the park with her family.

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The Material Girl was once famous for her wild onstage antics, provocative attire and tempestuous relationships. Now Madge is in touch with her inner spirituality, thanks to her four kids and a little help from Kabbalah. She has supported more than 20 major charities and co-founded Raising Malawi in 2006, a non-profit that provides children with shelter, medical care and food.

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Nicole Richie

Hers was anything but “the simple life.” Once a cautionary tale on the consequences of too many DUI arrests and a hard-partying lifestyle, with the arrival of her two children she has settled into her new role as a mother and flexed her business savvy with her fashion collection, House of Harlow 1960.

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Pamela Anderson

The Canadian actress/model was once notorious for her tumultuous relationship with bad boy rocker Tommy Lee — and what’s arguably the most infamous sex tape in history. But in recent years, Anderson has focused on raising her sons and promoting animal rights through PETA.

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Celebrity mom rehab
This article was originally published on Apr 25, 2012

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